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Multidisciplinary Innovation
Development Centre

Establishing Multidisciplinary Innovation & Development Centre (MIDC) eco-system has its unique significance for Manipal University. MIDC will bring together various platforms with the help of industry partners and with educational institutes.

Project & Training

  • Technical PG Intern-ship Projects (Funded by MU and Philips Healthcare)
  • Clinical PG Intern-ship Projects (Funded by MU and Philips Healthcare)

Ongoing Research Activities

  • MR Neurography of the brachial plexus- To improve the Signal to Noise Ratio of the SHINKEI MRN sequence.
  • Prototype testing- Carotid artery screening prototype feasibility study.
  • Product testing and validation: Ultrasound machine (clear view ultrasound) analysis.


  • Workshops on medical image processing using open-source platforms (ITK, VTK)
  • Ultrasound clinical training
  • Cardiac Clinical Training
  • Competency based certification

Problem Definitions

  • Removal of calcification from arteries in coronary CT Angiography data Author
  • CT-MRI Fusion
  • 2D Fluorescent Image Analysis for Automation Approach to Quantifying DNA Damages using γ-H2AX
  • Peripheral Angiography Vessel Tracking Displacement Vector Field (DVF) Produced by Demons Deformable Registration
  • 2D Fluorescent Image Analysis as an Automated Approach to Measure Cell Viability
  • CT Virtual Planning for Mal-united Radius Fracture
  • Study of Pre-Processing Approaches for Improving the Accuracy of Demons Deformable Registration in a Multi-Modality Setup
  • CT Clinical Image Database Tool
  • Modelling Cerebral Arterioscleroses Malformation Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • CT-MR Deformable Image Registration using Robust Point Matching
  • Cardiac Echo Screening DQT
  • Referral Form Viewer , Author
  • Ultrasound Smart Scheduler
  • CATHLAB e-Reporting
  • Classification of Neonatal Prenatal parameters using Naive Bayesian classifier for CHD
  • ECHO Reporting System
  • CATHLAB Inventory Management System
  • Tool/screw orientation and trajectory display and pre-op overlay using 2D project images
  • Practice Management tool
  • Creating an interactive dashboard for data visualization.