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Multidisciplinary Innovation
Development Centre

Establishing Multidisciplinary Innovation & Development Centre (MIDC) eco-system has its unique significance for Manipal University. MIDC will bring together various platforms with the help of industry partners and with educational institutes.

Market Prolem

The Rural Market offers a vast untapped potential; it should also be recognized that it is not that easy to operate in rural markets because of several problems. Rural marketing is thus a time consuming affair and requires considerable investments in terms of evolving appropriate strategies with a view to tackle the problems. The problems are:

Underdeveloped people and underdeveloped markets

The agricultural technology has tried to develop the people and market in rural areas. Unfortunately, the impact of the technology is not felt uniformly throughout the country. Some districts in Punjab, Haryana or Western Uttar Pradesh where the rural consumer is somewhat comparable to his urban counterpart, there are large areas and groups of people who have remained beyond the technological breakthrough. In addition, the farmers with small agricultural land holdings have been unable to take advantage of the new technology.

Lack of proper physical communication facilities

Nearly 50% of the villages in the country do not have all weather roads, making physical communication to these villages highly expensive. Even today, most villages in eastern part of the country are inaccessible during monsoon season.

Inadequate media coverage for rural communication

A large number of rural families own radio and television sets as well as community radio and TV sets. These have been used to diffuse agricultural technology to rural areas. However, the coverage relating to marketing is inadequate.

Many language and dialects

The number of languages and dialects vary from state to state, region to region. This type of distribution of population warrants appropriate strategies to decide the extent of coverage of rural market.