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Multidisciplinary Innovation
Development Centre

Establishing Multidisciplinary Innovation & Development Centre (MIDC) eco-system has its unique significance for Manipal University. MIDC will bring together various platforms with the help of industry partners and with educational institutes.

BoP Organization

BoP Chair Network

Network Bop chair network offers an ideal combination of knowledge and corporation on the areas of healthcare, community and technology developments with the ultimate goal of community participation in self-development. The results so for indicates how a university will play a major role in building such knowledge based economy for 21st century.

BoP Organization

Organization new Bop Chair at Manipal University works for promoting the rural upliftment by bringing innovative experiments at educational institutions. The BoP chair operates with autonomy and integrity which is guaranteed by the Manipal University, to which it is accountable. The Bop Chair and coordinators defines the chair funding strategy and methodologies, whereas the dedicated implementation structure implements and applies these strategies and methodologies in the management and operations of the BoP Chair funded activities. Project office is a centralized layer of monitor and control between BoP Chair, coordinators and implementation structure that includes the roles of project planning, project administration and project accounting. Industry participation in this program make it sustainable model for the university to build a Knowledge network with industry and NGO's. Published a book "Base of the pyramid - an integrated approach".